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    ‘Superbugs’ – is the risk real?

    Researchers in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences are conducting a pilot study to research the prevalence of resistance to all major classes of antibiotic for two key groups of pathogens in livestock and pets.

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    CHAT your way to health

    Researchers are working to bring preoperative surgery assessment into the 21st century by investigating a Computer Health Assessment by Telephone (CHAT) system.

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    Your safety is important to us

    The University of Adelaide has been working with ANCAP since 2000 to improve the pedestrian safety of new vehicles entering the Australasian market.


Needs + Research = Results

Adelaide Research & Innovation (ARI) is the commercial development company of the University of Adelaide.

Our role is to match your needs with research and innovation to produce better results.

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News & Updates

University spin out secures more funding to continue development of Green2Black technology

Muradel, has been awarded a new federal grant to start scaling up its demonstration plant as it refocuses on new feedstock.

Uni wins $4.5 million industrial solar energy project

The University of Adelaide has taken a step closer to developing next-generation solar thermal technologies that aim to reduce industry’s reliance on natural gas, thanks to a new $15.1 million research project.

SA Innovation Network connecting industry to universities

In the global knowledge economy South Australia’s competitive position depends on a capacity to develop new knowledge and exploit new ideas. At ARI, believe the best way to do this is through open engagement and being proactive around the co-creation of new ideas and applied research and knowledge.

Featured Results

Spencer Gulf eco-management

Led by the University of Adelaide’s Professor Bronwyn Gillanders and Simon Divecha, the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development Initiative is driving responsible decision-making for a thriving gulf region.


Seeking quality partners for a range of novel inventions.

A gold biosensor

The development of a protein biosensor for gold detection provides an in-field, in-line method for detecting and monitoring gold.

My Wine World

Wine staff and students have developed a free mobile app that will help consumers learn more about the wines they are drinking and keep track of their favourites.

ASSIST with substance abuse

The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test and Brief Intervention resource has been developed for nurses who work with patients with substance use issues.

Gastric cancer detection

A new rapid and cost-effective diagnostic test for early stage gastric cancer is being developed after the discovery of four candidate markers that can be measured from blood serum.