Adelaide Advancing Book

Most people don’t think of Adelaide as a hub of innovation; in fact most people can’t even name something invented locally. But research and innovation is actually happening all around you, making a positive impact on your everyday lives. When you think about your health, your family, the environment and our planet you might be surprised just how much research from Adelaide is making a difference.

At Adelaide Research & Innovation we are privileged to play a role in fostering Adelaide innovations, in partnership with researchers from the University of Adelaide. So it is our pleasure to share with you a selected sampling of those stories in a new book, giving you a glimpse into the tangible outcomes and life-changing impact of research and innovation conducted right here in Adelaide.

The publication, titled ‘Adelaide Advancing’ features 30 case studies of successful innovation, together with the stories of 10 Innovation Champions – organisations that been able to change their business (and sometimes the world) for the better thanks to Adelaide researchers. As you will see, these examples span a great breadth of activity. Even so, they are just the tip of an iceberg of positive engagement between researchers and the private and public sector.

Managing Director of Adelaide Research & Innovation, Robert Chalmers said “we hope that after reading this publication you will think differently about the role of Adelaide researchers in the safety of the car you drive, the beer you drink, the food you eat and the fragility of life. Business and organisations are increasingly seeing the value from engaging with researchers. And researchers value that engagement too: for the opportunity to translate their ideas to action and to engage with real world problems. It is these partnerships that enable innovation to have impact.”

“Without better awareness of positive existing examples of engagement, we are less able to recognise future partnerships that will build our common wealth and improve our society. We want to improve your understanding of those links, and inspire you to action. And we want to challenge the view of the University of Adelaide as a remote ivory tower, and show it for what it is – a connected hub of ideas.”

The book is available free:
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