ARI Annual Review 2013

For a snapshot of recent initiatives and impacts download our latest publication, the Annual Review 2013.


Adelaide Advancing

Featuring 30 case studies of successful Adelaide innovation, together with the stories of 10 Innovation Champions.


Research Impact 2013

Much of the research conducted at the University of Adelaide today is focused on addressing ‘grand challenges’.


The Upshot Issue 2

The second issue of The Upshot. In this edition, we have three more stories of positive engagement involving University of Adelaide researchers translating their knowledge into benefits for the community.


The Upshot Issue 1

The first edition of The Upshot, which highlights the great work that our researchers are doing in conjunction with their partners in industry and government: translating knowledge into benefits for the community.


Building the Future

Smarter Engagement & Success. The pathway to innovation can be difficult to travel, so partner with Adelaide Research & Innovation and we’ll provide you with a map.


Smarter Engagement & Success 2010/2011

Smarter Engagement & Success 2010/2011