New structure to drive industry engagement & commercialisation

The University of Adelaide has created two new divisions to replace the services currently provided Adelaide Research & Innovation. University of Adelaide Enterprise will manage commercialisation, IP licensing and spinout activity and Research Contracts & Partnerships (RCP) will manage research contracts, consulting and related partnerships.

These new groups start operations from 1 July.

What does this mean?

  • The majority of existing ARI contracts will continue as is – no action is required
  • Some of the longer running contracts that last into 2017 and beyond will be progressively transferred into the name of the University, and clients and third parties will be notified
  • All current commercialisation matters, IP and equity interest are being transferred to University of Adelaide Enterprise
  • The University (not ARI) will be the contracting party post 30 June for new work

A significant number of existing ARI staff will transition into the Research Contracts & Partnerships branch, which will give some continuity in management of research contracts.

Two staff will remain within ARI until the end of 2016 to assist in managing the transition of data and systems and dealing with finances associated with ARI contracts and operations. There is no plan to close the company itself until the transition of activities is complete.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege for the ARI team to help facilitate the important engagement between University researchers and their partners in business and the broader community, locally and abroad.

Key Contacts – 1 July onwards