Commercial Accelerator Scheme

The Commercial Accelerator Scheme addresses a recognised gap in funding known as the “valley of death” between traditional research funding and the market. It has provided a bridge for many projects to successful licence or other funding options.

Key points:

  • The maximum amount to be funded into any one project is $100,000 over a maximum duration of 18 months
  • The provision of matching funding or in-kind assistance from industry partners will be regarded favourably (but is not essential)
  • An independent industry assessment panel scores the proposal

More information available through University of Adelaide Enterprise.

Successful applicants 2015

  1. Commercial development of a novel intraceullular based vaccine for the prevention of Apicomlexan parasitic diseases and other intracellular pathogens – led by Dr Ryan O’Handley
  2. A novel Parkinson’s disease therapy using AstraZeneca’s Saracatinib (AZD0530) to inhibit Fyn kinase – led by Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino
  3. Mucositis therapy with AstraZeneca’s AZD1236 – led by Associate Professor Rachel Gibson
  4. Spin out, CarbOzide Pty Ltd – led by Vincent Bulone
  5. Next-generation photonic magnetic sensing for geophysical exploration – led by Andre Luiten
  6. A new formulation of embryo production media for cattle in vitro embryo production – led by Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson

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