Better beer

With the help of the university’s Barley Program, led by Associate Professor Jason Eglinton, the quality of Australian malting barleys is now considered the best in the world by international customers.


Super spaghetti

Next time you’re enjoying a bowl of homemade spaghetti bolognaise, or eating penne calabrese at your favourite Italian restaurant, you can thank a group of University of Adelaide researchers working to make pasta healthier.

Agriculture, Healthcare

Optimising water distribution

University of Adelaide researchers have been hard at work improving operations of water supply systems throughout Australia and across the world using fast mathematical optimisation techniques.

Advancing Communities, Engineering

From vine to vat

South Australia is one of the most renowned wine regions in Australia. So it’s no accident that local researchers are leading the world when it comes to developing better and smarter ways to both grow grapes and produce wine.


No crash test ‘dummies’

The University of Adelaide has been working with ANCAP since 2000 to improve the pedestrian safety of new vehicles entering the Australasian market, and to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities.

Advancing Communities, Engineering

Helping our neighbours

As Timor-Leste—one of Australia’s closest neighbours—prepares to engage in regional economic initiatives, a University of Adelaide analyst is assisting the young nation along the path to regional economic integration.

Advancing Communities

‘Superbugs’—is the risk real?

Researchers in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences are conducting a pilot study to research the prevalence of resistance to all major classes of antibiotic for two key groups of pathogens in livestock and pets.

Agriculture, Healthcare

Stopping the illegal timber trade

New advances in timber DNA fingerprinting means that large-scale screening of wood material can now be done cheaply, accurately and quickly—helping address the global problem of illegal timber trade.

Agriculture, Environment

Submarine stealth

Researchers from the University of Adelaide’s School of Mechanical Engineering are supporting the Department of Defence by testing improved vibration absorbers to reduce the noise or ‘acoustic’ signature of a submarine.

Defence & Security, Engineering

Spencer Gulf eco-management

Led by the University of Adelaide’s Professor Bronwyn Gillanders and Simon Divecha, the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem and Development Initiative is driving responsible decision-making for a thriving gulf region.


The impact of social isolation

A University of Adelaide researcher is leading a collaborative national research project focused on the effectiveness of interventions to alleviate the effects of social isolation on the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Advancing Communities, Healthcare

Smart surveillance

SNAP Network Surveillance, established in 2009, is the result of a world-leading research project—led by Professor Anton van den Hengel—at the University’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT).

Defence & Security, ICT

Safer, faster cycling

In collaboration Swiss-based Scott Sports and Australian road racing team Orica-GreenEDGE, researchers from the University’s School of Mechanical Engineering have designed a new bike helmet for top professional cyclists.


Managing mobile networks

Researchers from the Teletraffic Research Centre have developed a ‘mobile network dimensioning tool’ which indicates the general health of a mobile network to aid smarter network investment decisions.


Lighting up future manufacturing

The field of photonics (the science of light) has far reaching applications—in defence, medicine, agriculture and mining, to name just a few—and University of Adelaide researchers are leading the way.

Agriculture, Defence & Security, Energy & Mining, Engineering, Environment, Healthcare

Renewable Biofuel

Muradel Pty Ltd has launched Australia’s first demonstration plant converting microalgae produced on site, plant biomass and organic waste into a renewable crude oil that is equivalent to fossil crude oil.

Energy & Mining

Boosting food production

Researchers at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus are working with agronomists and engineers from global fertiliser giant, The Mosaic Company, LLC to help food producers meet the global food supply challenge.


Migrant memoirs

Researchers from the University of Adelaide are collaborating with a number of community partners in a project to uncover the life histories behind migrant hostels, reception centres and camps in South Australia.

Advancing Communities

Improving our milk

Australian start-up company, Luoda Pharma, has partnered with a team of University researchers to develop a new medicine to treat mastitis, which will mean more healthy cows producing more milk.

Agriculture, Healthcare

Making babies

A collaborative partnership between the University and Origio a/s, a world leader in assisted reproductive technology solutions, is helping women undergoing IVF who have had one or more previous miscarriages.


Solving a ‘sticky’ situation

Researchers at the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources are investigating processes that can turn the large reserves of low-rank coals in South Australia into an economical and abundant source of fuel.

Energy & Mining

Quality healthcare information

Wolters Kluwer has chosen to partner with the University of Adelaide’s Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) to improve global health by providing evidence-based content for healthcare professionals worldwide.


Healthy hearts

Researchers at the University of Adelaide, in collaboration with UniSA and local hospitals, have been studying how new innovative treatments may help sufferers of heart disorders and heart disease.


Flying high—and green

Adelaide Airport Limited partnered with the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology (CET) to research and develop innovative concepts to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Energy & Mining, Engineering, Environment

New infertility treatments

Cook Medical, a global supplier of assisted reproductive technologies, has been working with the University of Adelaide to make IVM (in vitro maturation) a realistic option in a typical IVF cycle.


Designer Eucalypts

Collaboration between the University, ARI and Humphris Nursery, based in Mooroolbark Victoria, has resulted in the introduction of two new varieties of Mallee eucalypts into the Australian plant market.


Environmental impact mapping

A new low-cost, low impact, ‘game-changing’ approach to assessing the impacts of coal seam gas exploration and production on groundwater has been developed by University of Adelaide researchers.

Agriculture, Energy & Mining, Environment

Murray River management

The South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources is working with University of Adelaide researchers to improve the health of the Murray River wetland ecosystems.


Mission-critical systems

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has brought together some of the State’s leading computer experts to solve key challenges in mission-critical defence system design.

Defence & Security, ICT

Chocolate champions

University of Adelaide researchers and Australian chocolate companies have joined forces to not only improve the quality of Vanuatu cocoa beans, but also significantly improve the income of local farmers.

Advancing Communities, Agriculture